Don E Finch

Don is a retired dentist who is using his talents to make photographic images that meet his strict esthetic criteria for beauty and meaning.  The skills of the dentist transfer nicely into the art of the camera.  It is all of course based on the eye.

Kimberly Nahm

Kim is an accomplished writer in her special gifts with the written word.  Her expertise will be apparent as we bring together projects such as coffee table books to beautify and edify your hearts.  She also is the front face of the business side of our endeavor. 

Justine Cook

My granddaughter has an eye for composition in the world of art expressed in some of her school projects with watercolors and pencil.  The day she approached me and said photography interested her as a life work was a highlight of my life.  Some of what will be shared in our gallery and portfolio will bear her credits.